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Geodis can refer to:

Transportation and logisticsSNCF Geodis - the freight logistics division of SNCF Geodis - privatised group of French logistics companies spun out from SNCF in 1996, later re-incorporated into SNCF Geodis BM, Geodis Calberson, Geodis Wilson - subidaries of the SNCF Geodis group of SNCFSurveyingGeodis Brno - Geoinformatic (surveying) company based in Czech republic


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Picker/Packer (Former Employee) says

"Sent you home everyday early, never any work. Managers will threaten to fire you constantly. They talk about perfection and work ethic yet they don’t care for their people. Cons: no hours."

Selector (Former Employee) says

"Mangement Had favorites pick other employees better selection pieces or easier orders, let call off whenever. The reach truck people were slow took their time"

chauffeur spl national (Former Employee) says

"Encadrements tous des menteurs, entreprise à éviter absolument, ont vous retire vos arret aux toilettes et sur votre mensuelle horaire environs 5 heures tous les mois. La réponse vous ne vous mettez pas en coupure alors ont retiens a la source... Cons: Aucun ."

Assembler (Former Employee) says

"Trash company cuts hours and makes you work the holiday without holiday pay.... Promises overtime but barely gives 30 hours a week... AVOID THIS COMPANY Cons: All"

Forklift Operator (Former Employee) says

"Not enough training. The supervisors look down at you. They never have anything good to say to you. They're so unorganized in the office. It like little group of people in the office that do what they want. They bend the rules for certain people in the warehouse. Thought it be a good place when we started but the management don't care about the employees just theirselves. Cons: Management and HR"

Forklift Operator (Current Employee) says

"You ask to move departments because of favoritism and they make up excuse after excuse, managment is so corrupt, you get two 30 minute breaks that are supposed stretch out the whole ten to 12 hour shifts. No room for growth and you always feel you are stuck in a certain postion. Cons: Everything else"

Inventory Specialist (Former Employee) says

"When I first started I thought this company was the best until I find out that if you are not a favorite of your supervisor you are doomed all the care about is what there outbound team there is a point sytem but it is only for inbound and inventory outbound can have special times to come in or and no one does anything especially if you work work for wellpet geodis dont do it Cons: poor managent"

Team Lead (Former Employee) says

"I was hired on as a seasonal team lead, went above and beyond learning all the processes in the receiving office. Constantly communicated how I wanted to get on full time, and was told "Keep doing what you're doing and you'll have nothing to worry about". The Big boss was very sexist, I had to wear the 90 day orange vest even though the other new hire male team leads were not told to. It took me 4 months to get trained on more than one piece of equipment, when in a matter of two weeks the newest male team lead was trained on every piece of equipment. There were also supervisors just above me that cling to any female and seemingly grooms them. I was let go after voicing my concerns with HR and was told that my seasonal help was no longer needed. From what Ive heard from my friends who still work there, they've been on mandatory 7 days a week for the past 3-4 months. Disgusting and unprofessional on a lot of levels."

Agent administratif (Former Employee) says

"Entreprise sans aucune valeur professionnelle, beaucoup de favoritisme et promotion à la tête de la personne. salaire pas satisfaisant. Cons: Aucune exemplarité et charte qualité et éthique non respecté par les cadres et les RH"

Picker/Packer/Shipper (Former Employee) says

"ello anuncia pociciones de 17 la hora cuando vas a entrevista te ofrece $13 la hora es una compania explotadora no cumple lo q ofrese mucho preferiencias los supervicores estas desorientado de como van a resovel problema mucho jefe y mucha desorientacion y descriminacion..."

Agent de production (Former Employee) says

"fuyez pauvres fous Cons: Des centaines"

Material Handler (Current Employee) says

"This is the lowest paying warehouse i have worked for..Its never steady hours and i do not like working on the weekends.Most of the time the employees does not follow company policies."

Material Handler (Former Employee) says

"Good place to be i guess some people dont like it and some people do. I think its good pay there but also yes they are strict there i mean its good enough for the pay"

SUR Operator (Former Employee) says

"horrible company to work for. Its live slavery over worked and way under paid for all you are either asked or forced to do. No respect there. Management is messy at its best. You can't trust anyone because everyone is sneaky and problematic just to get ahead. This company is on a down hill spiral and they deserve every inch of it. They do not respect or value the type of hard worker they have."

Customer Service Representative (Current Employee) says

"Geodis Yeti has supervisors who make mistakes and blame employees. Especially in the office, the operations manager needs alot of training himself. He doesn’t know how to train the lady’s in the office and whatever work he doesn’t want to do he pins on someone else. Very unprofessional if they don’t like you they find any reason to fire you. And they ask themselves why they go through so many people, a bunch of clowns running it. Cons: Management"

Warehouse Assistant (Former Employee) says

"unfair work allcation if your freinds with any supervisor / manager you can basically do nothing and be protected Cons: too many people who have no clue as to their job roles"

imports (Former Employee) says

"too many people in charge who know nothing except self preservation lack of management all over the company Cons: way too many"

Warehouse Picking Associate (Current Employee) says

"Geodis makes $3-$5 off of every hour every single worker works at any warehouse they advise over. Even through the pandemic. Benefits are a joke and cost over $100 a pay. oh and when you are hired on your pay is decreased due to you being offered these "benefits", even if you dont elect to have them at all your pay still drops. You are auto enrolled in 401k even if you dont want it. You cannot elect to opt out. If you want to you have to jump through hoops to make it stop and never get your money back. No communication, No coordination, every manager and director took their 2 week vacation during the pandemic (april-may) and left supervisors and workers high and dry Cons: anything you can think of"

Operations Lead/Inventory control, forklift operator (Former Employee) says

"There’s a lot of favoritism and if you are associated with certain people you are barred from advancement within the company and management will do whatever they can to lie to you about the reason why you can’t move up. And the people who move up aren’t even qualified to do there job. Cons: Healthcare coverage is bad and HR can’t do there job properly"

Chef d'équipe (Former Employee) says

"C'est une société qui ne tient pas compte de ses employés. Cons: Aucune promotion possible"

Current Employee - Material Handler says

"I have been working at GEODIS full-time Cons: They are on organised and expect you to come in additional overtime for problems they could effect in the 1st place also they will not let you know that they are not paying you fully what you are supposed to be getting paid. If you are looking for a warehouse job I suggest looking for another job or another warehouse because this one is definitely not it."

Former Employee - Operations Supervisor says

"I worked at GEODIS full-time for more than 3 years Cons: Facility runs rampant with favoritism. If you are not the directors pick, you will be treated like a red headed step child. They want you to be a family altogether, you will get close and enjoy spending time with your coworkers. Then time will come when they expect you to not speak to them because they know things about them that they don’t want discussed. Upper management will not discuss things with you and will not communicate with you, they will use others to pit them against you. You love the job but only after so long because you are numb to all the things they are making you take on (this is across multiple departments). Upper management will conduct themselves in a way that terrifies others teammates. They will put you on the floor with no formal training and watch you like a hawk through the cameras."

Former Employee - Material Handler says

"I worked at GEODIS full-time for more than a year Cons: Management acts fun and cool around people but when around other leads they talk down about others."

Current Employee - Replay Operator says

"I have been working at GEODIS full-time for less than a year Cons: No notice at all for mandatory overtime. We are told Friday morning if we are required to work Saturday, after already working 48 hours that week! No respect for employees’ lives, or work/life balance. I was hired 7-3;30. In over a month I worked 2 days on that schedule, and was immediately required to start at 6 am the rest of the time, with have the days being 8, and the other half being 10 hours, but they don’t tell you that until the day of! Bad safety regulations: no safety training around forklifts, react trucks carry palettes on top of palettes. No regulation for how close to stand to a reach truck (or any heavy equipment). No regulations regarding how to to stand on the other side of an isle when forks are in the air. Constantly running out if hand sanitizer (which, is not posted outside the bathrooms). Lines are very liberally regulated, with people standing within 2 feet of each other, because there isn’t enough space to spread out to click in and out, because they won’t install more time clocks, or move the three they have inside the building past the metal detectors. Constantly running out of plastic gloves. Have chairs for replay, wrong height for the tables we work at, cause severe and immediate back pain. Not allowed to adjust seat height or table height. A doctor’s note is not a good enough excuse for an absence. Management does not ask your name or (most of them) how you are, or introduce themselves to you, like they should. No training on how to use their time clocks, so other employees stand right behind the new people to show them. Was told my badge wouldn’t work to clock in for at least a week, had to tell a manager I was there and rely on them for recording my hours. This company screwed me out of 10 hours of overtime this way. Thought my badge was broken. Manager *finally* showed me how to clock in. There’s an extra step to clock in there. Even a manager had her mask below her nose at a meeting. Too few bathrooms, that are always dirty. Break room is too small for the number of people who are on a break at the same time. COVID 19 will shut this place down as soon as even one person is affected. That or OSHA. No way to leave anonymous feedback. Safety committee doesn’t have a way to offer advice...not that they seem to be useful for anything. So many unsafe things happen at Geodis!"

Current Employee - Software Developer says

"I have been working at GEODIS full-time Cons: Not a healthy atmosphere to work for"

Former Employee - Administrative Assistant says

"I worked at GEODIS full-time for more than 3 years Cons: Management does not support you at all."

Current Employee - Operations Supervisor says

"I have been working at GEODIS full-time Cons: It is a very negative place."

Current Employee - Operation Supervisor says

"I have been working at GEODIS full-time Cons: None the worst I have ever seen"

Former Employee - Anonymous says

"I worked at GEODIS full-time for less than a year Cons: Company is unorganized and administration shows favoritism"

Current Employee - Material Handler says

"I have been working at GEODIS full-time for less than a year Cons: For a warehouse job they sure are a stickler on stuff. Damn near everything you could do would get you fired. Forget your vest fired. Clock in a minute late fired. Played favourites all the time."

melanie payne says

"Utterly scammed. They are either scammers or thieves No way of contacting this company and no way of knowing where my goods are AVOID at all costs. It is totally unacceptable"

Ted-Striker says

"Allegedly have my delivery from Maison du Monde but after three weeks, still no tracking available. The staff just tell me to “phone back next week”. Useless - the market for delivery services is light years ahead of this outfit, I’d be amazed if they last the year."

Maya says

"I placed an order with Leroy Merlin and unfortunately, they utilized Geodis for delivery. This has been, without a doubt, the worst delivery service that I have ever endured anywhere in the world."

Serhat Gökbayrak says

"I have never seen such a delivery experience in my whole life. They should change their delivery team completely , they should stop working with arrogant delivery team members..such a bad experience..unbelivable"

Suriyah Rashid says

"Avoid, avoid, avoid. For reference, I purchased a large expensive mirror from Maisons du Monde, and had no prior information that the courier company they deal with is Geodis. In short: Geodis is the most appalling courier company I have ever had to deal with. Hermes/DPD look like the saintliest of angels in comparison. 1. The lack of pre-arrangement is beyond worrying (given Maisons du Monde sell expensive furniture items) and I had no way of tracking my item. When clicking on the tracking link in the email sent by Maisons du Monde, on the Geodis website it stated "no consignment found". A helpful start. 2. An unknown number of days later, I received a call from a random driver from DX Courier (who? where?!) who had my name and delivery but the completely wrong postcode and address. I had to rectify this by calling DX and having the correct address re-applied (the lady on the phone told me that the French aren't great with postcodes - how helpful for UK deliveries!!). She told me that I would be able to rearrange my delivery online with the same shipment number we both had recorded, but alas, this number did not provide any tracking on both DX and Geodis websites, naturally. **I am appalled at the lack of transparency as to where my delivery was, between different couriers, given it was a large, expensive item.** 3. I rang Geodis to "rearrange" my delivery date as the driver from DX Courier told me there was nothing he could do. The person I called from Geodis seemed pretty ambivalent about the whole situation, and that an email would be sent out "within the next couple of days" to change my delivery date. 4. Just one day later, when I came home from work, my mirror was dumped outside my front door - I had no prior warning and no email to rearrange the date. This is disgusting business practice and the only reason I refuse to send this item back is because I do not want the hassle of dealing with Geodis again. Maisons du Monde should remove this courier from their services."

Sacha says

"I recently ordered a package off Amazon. I states being delivered by Geodis on their website. They transferred the parcel to Purolator apparently. Purolator can't track my package. Amazon is sending me to Geodis... So I call Geodis in Mirabel. I say "Hello, I,ve recently ordered a package from Amazon..." I am interrupted immediately and told that it's not Amazon. I know this. I tried telling the woman over the phone who only talked over me and hung up never letting me finish my sentence. I call back and she continues talking over me. I raise my voice asking me to finish my request. She proceeds to tell me I'm harassing her and that I'm wasting her HOUR of work and that "we have your number". This is werong on so many levels. Short story: I can't figure out where my package is or track where it's been pawned off. This woman needs to be fired immediately."

Cheryl says

"Having found a great deal online, I ordered my item... The item hadn't arrived after a few days and the 'schedule your delivery' button did not work on the automated tracking email. After getting stuck in a phone loop multiple times and after much Googling I found a number for the correct depot. If you've ever tried contacting Northampton Geodis you'll understand how tricky this is. They were very pleasant and helpful and advised when the parcel would arrive. So I waited 2 days at home for it (after the second day being told there had been an accident). Being that I work, and couldn't waste another day, Geodis recommended I pick a designated day that week, which I did... HOWEVER... Update (1 day later - 3 working days late): Have just had a David Lynch moment and received a notification saying that my parcel has been signed for, by 'myself' however I have not been home all day (this was not my 'new' designated delivery day). I will not be happy if this has been left with a neighbour as it clearly states to check the item thoroughly. Very stressful experience thus far. Update (later that evening) Well... Not to worry, it wasn't responsibly left with a neighbour as I just got home to find my £750+ digital piano hanging out, on my doorstep (in South East London) in the drizzle, in full view of any Tom, Brian or Harry, with the name of the product on full display and the box battered like a good piece of Weymouth cod. After unpacking the piano, everything seems to be ok, however it does sound a bit like soggy bagpipes, hopefully this will resolve itself as it dries out. If you want your goods dropped on your doorstep for all to see, whatever the weather, go for it. Bonne chance."

jkundra says

"From an American expat living in Paris: I totally concur with all of the negative reviews. This company's idea of customer service in Paris is (1) hang up on you after you've waited from 8:am to 5:30 pm for a delivery which never came. (2) Lie that the delivery was actually attempted. Update: That said, I managed to contact a person at the Paris headquarters of Geodis who was quite sympathatic and cooperative and who promised to have a general manager get in touch with me to work out a new delivery at a time convenient for me. It's clear that some people in the company in Paris do care about customer service. Three stars out of five."

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